Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our First Anniversary!!!!!!!

Well one year and come and we are starting on a new one. We had alot of fun this year, with all our sister's wedding's to all the holiday's and family things. We looked over our first year together and decided we wouldn't change it for the world we love all our ups and downs. Curtis suprised me with a weekend away for our annivversary. We left friday and stopped by Grandma and Grandpa Steed's house for a great lunch...thanks for that! :) Then we were off to Salt Lake City for a few days. We stayed in the Anniversary Inn in the jungle room. it was cool with all of the safari animals, like the elephant shower head and the alligator next to the sink. it was covered in rose petals, with flute glasses filled with kisses. We took a walk around temple square Friday afternoon, seeing all the weddings and all the wonderful buildings that were built so long ago. Saturday March 21st was our anniversary day and we decided to go to a session at the SLC Temple it was the most wonderful way to spend our wedding day at the temple just like our day last year. Then we went to eat at Biaggio.....i forget how to spell it let alone say it, restaurant it was fabulous and very romantic. Then on our way home Sunday we stopped to see Grandma Garfield and to our surprise Aunt Mara was there and it was great to see her too. It really was the most wonderful and needed weekend for us. We are looking forward to many many more years as excited and wonderful as the first, with our friends and family as we grow and become closer with one another as our Heavenly Father would probably want for all of us. We love you and thank you for all to help make our first year so memorable.