Wednesday, May 12, 2010

7 Months!!!!

I can not believe that Ruby is now 7 months...she is so big and such a blessing in our lives!! So here are some of the new things that Ruby is doing now that she is being a big girl!!

* Ruby weighs 13 lbs 14 oz
* she is 24 inches long
* she also got her first tooth on May 3, 2010
* Ruby loves to laugh
* Play with her Daddy and Mommy
* her fav foods are squash and sweet potatoes..and bananas
* She can sit all by herself and play with her toys
* is ticklish on her sides
* loves to sing ABC's, little bunny foo foo, and popcorn popping
* she also loves her puppy Bruiser...they are besties

She got her pictures taken for her 6 months, I know that I am a little late on posting them but I love them she is so cute!!! We did our little photoshoot with Jen and Emily that was really fun and the girls were really cute!!!

I just had my first mother's day and it was great. Ruby picked out my own card and her Daddy even let her sign it. She also got me a frame with a saying about Mother's. Curtis took me on a date we went to Applebee's and Iron Man! It was great! Then we went to my parents house to spend the day and have dinner! It was great!