Monday, December 13, 2010

Ruby 14 months and growing!!!!

Things with Ruby has been so much fun in the past few months. She has had a lot of accomplishments since turning one. Ruby is learning all of her animal sounds, she can tell us what a cow says, a duck, a dog, a turkey, Santa and sometimes a cat. She loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Backyardagains, and Blues Clues (of course). She also has a cute little fake laugh she copies anyone who is laughing and really laughs out loud. Ruby is trying to talk as much as possible, but mostly it comes out as gibberish still, sometimes you can understand what she says. It is so cute! She is also WALKING!!!!! Still a little wobbly but she is loving the fact that she can walk all over, she carries things from the kitchen to the other rooms in the house! She loves the Christmas tree, the decorations don't stay on the tree very well..mostly the jingle bells and some small stockings. Ruby also got a Little People Nativity Scene she loves it and played with it all night long. We are so excited for this Holiday season, we are excited to be surrounded by the people we love! We are going to Utah for the Steed Christmas party this weekend and are very excited to get to spend some time with them! Curtis and I are so thankful for everything that we have, for our parents and siblings. Most of all we are so grateful for Ruby and the chance we get to be her parents, we thanks the Lord every night for her wonderful spirit that she brings to our home. I hope that every one has a Merry Christmas!!!