Sunday, July 19, 2009

4th of July

Well I forgot that I didn't write about the 4th of July yet, and since its also my birthday i wanted to tell my family thanks for everthing. My parents came down from Hailey to stay with us during my birthday, my mom and I went shopping for maternity clothes and probably ended up getting more baby clothes...they are much cuter and easier to pick out!!! But we did end up finding me some clothes I can wear during these extremely HOT days. Curtis got me a great new pair of shoes that I can wear to work and out so my feet don't hurt so bad. That night Curtis had to work so my parents, Bruiser and I all went to watch the fireworks, but since there was a freak hail/rain storm that happened on our way to dinner, the fireworks were delayed a little bit. but they were great as usual, my favorite part of my birthday..fireworks and birthday songs lol. Then on sunday my parents, Raegan and Logan, Curtis' parents, and all his sisters and their spouses came over to our house for our very first bbq/birthday party for me. It was great steaks, chicken and hot dogs, lots of salads and great homemade ice cream and some cake too! so much fun to have all of our families together. I just wanted to say thanks to my parents for coming down, like they do every year, and my in-laws for being so great, my sister and her hubby for coming by after their long weekend, and my wonderful husband for getting all of this together for me. it one of the best birthdays and I'll never forget it. I love all of you!!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Reunion in Hailey

A few weeks ago we had our first, I think ever family reunion, with the Farnsworth's! We went for the week up to Hailey, where my parents live and hung out there. It was so much fun! We got to spend some time with our cousin's Max and Zach to we don't usually see but only twice a year or so. They are just the cutest little guys ever. We had a ton of fun, had a family rock band session, dad on the mic, then Raegan, Logan, Mom, Curtis and I all took turns on the drums and guitar. Super hilarious!!!! I think my dad needs a karaoke machine for sure! We drove to Sun Valley and had lunch there then went shopping and walked around, the rain had finally stopped the week we went so we could spend time outside. It was so much fun for Curtis and I to get to announce not only to my parents and Rae and Logan but also to my Aunt Mari, Uncle Brian and Aunt Melissa that we are having a girl. We spent the whole weekend experimenting on good girl names...still not quite sure but may have a keeper. Then Brian, Melissa, Max, Zach and Mari all had to travel back to get home. We stayed a few more days with my parents, we got up early and went yard sale shopping all over Hailey, we found some great deals on lots of baby things, a car seat, baby backpack, running stroller, bottle warmer, baby books and movies, and some puzzles. I love shopping like that way cheaper than the stores!!! lol I'll try to get all of my pictures of the productive and joyful weekend up, so I hope that you enjoy them. Love you Brian, Melissa and kids great to see you!