Monday, January 31, 2011

Fun Little Facts About Ruby!!!

I thought that it would be fun to just post some fun facts about Ruby. She is 15 months, 19lbs, 30 inches tall, walking and hilarious. I hope that you enjoy this as much as we do.

Sounds- Cow, Chicken, Turkey, Doggie, Duck

Words- Button, Mommy, Daddy, Pop Pop, Gee Gee, Bye Bye, Down, Go Go, Cheese(when you take her picture), Baby, Rae Rae, Log

Sign Language- Please, Thank You, Duck

Body Parts- Belly Button(except it is higher than her belly button and more on her chest), Head

Likes- Blues Clues, Backyardagains, Books ie "How Do I Love You", Binky, Sippy cups, hats(especially her Daddy's), doing her hair, music(all), fridge magnets, Pop Pop(only at church), hide and seek, spinning, bath time, big kids, dancing, walking with her hands behind her back(military style), the family room, nap time, dollies, bean bag chair, her pink piano, the puppies, looking at herself in anything with a reflection, Brushing her teeth and hair.

Dislikes- car seat, coat(because it leads to the car seat), changing her clothes/diaper, living room, pillows on anything(they must go on the floor), bedtime, shopping carts, fruit.

Favorite Foods- applesauce, pudding, yogurt/gogurts, pop tarts, peanut butter, peas, corn, hot dogs, spaghetti, cereal bars, oatmeal cookies, doggie food(yuck), pizza, french fries, suckers, milk, juice, rice crispy treats.

Favorite Songs- Popcorn, Itsy Bitsy Spider, head shoulder knees and toes, the frog song "mm ahh", three little ducks, if your Ruby(happy) and you know it, ABC's, Gee Gee's song, wise man and foolish man.

Random Things- hides everything(in baskets, doggie door, furniture, laundry basket, pantry and her kitchen), can almost climb onto the furniture, knocks on doors, blows kisses, gives kisses, pretends to sneeze and cough, gives high fives, backs up to sit down, helps wash her belly in the bath tub, lays down to wash soap out of her hair, brushes hands off when finished(eating or doing something), puts her hands on her face and acts embarrassed.