Sunday, August 28, 2011

Randi and Ruby!!

Ruby and I have been doing a lot of things these days. Going to the zoo, swimming, shopping. We have so much fun together. Ruby is getting so big she is learning to put on her shoes, put on and take off her clothes, she is learning to count she will count to three and then say wheee like she is sliding on a slide. She also loves the number nine she says it really well. Ruby is so funny she has this "CHEESE" grin that she does all of the time! She loves to scream at the top of her lungs and then giggle at the end of her ear piercing scream. She is such a snuggler now too she love her Pop Pop and Nana so much she gets to excited to see them. Her Aunt Ra Ra and Uncle Log Log are two of her most favorite people ever!!! She loves hats and can turn anything into a phone. She is doing so much better in Nursery she plays with all the kids. She is such a great dancer!!! She loves the "TONIGHT TONIGHT" song she sings the "LA LA LA" part. It is so incredibly cute! I'm sure I could go on forever. I am doing well I am working, and loving my time to be with Ruby she is my life I love her! We have so much fun we have been to the zoo a few times and she loves the "key Key's" the most. She is getting brave at the pool she is trying to jump in now too.