Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ruby's First Photo Shoot!

This is Ruby's first professional photo shoot. She didn't do so good the first time we tried but this time she great she was happy/sleepy, and they turned out perfect. Thanks so much Raegan you did such a great job. We love having a wonderful photographer as an Auntie!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

here are the rest of the pictures I hope you enjoy them and Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 30, 2009

more pics coming

Sorry I had some difficulties uploading pictures so they'll keep coming.

Ruby's Week of First's

Yes, can any of you believe it Ruby came home last Monday November 23, 2009. They said it would probably be until her due date and she pretty much did. We went to the hospital surprised to take her home, I cried, of course. So Curtis and I were so excited as soon as we got her home we introduced her Bruiser, our dog, then showed her the wonderful room that we put together for her. Ruby was the most awake we have ever seen her. Curtis's parents surprised us at the hospital, while mine were on their way to spend the week with us for Thanksgiving. We were very excited to share Ruby coming home with our family. Our first night was rough, I think mostly for me, I didn't sleep at all. Every noise she made I was over checking on her, not to mention the every 4 hour feedings. I would like to say that she would be a great night sleeper if we didn't have to wake her up and feed her. Then we spent the next couple of days with my family. We went to the doctor on Wednesday and he said she is doing great! Good Job Ruby! Finally Thanksgiving Day had arrived, and we bathed her for the first time at home, she did pretty good. Got her all ready for the day and went over to Patti's. My Aunt Melissa held her, she was the center of the party! Every one thought she was great. She got to meet her Great Grandpa Bob (G-Bob). Dinner was really good, then Ruby and Daddy went back home for some Daddy daughter time, while i went to the movies with Tyler, Rae, Logan and my Mom. We saw Old Dogs, really funny by the way. Ruby's first Thanksgiving and she loved it I'm sure lol. Then Friday my parents went back home, and the Steed family came over to see her. Katelyn finally got to meet her and hold her. So did Grandma Garfield, and Holly for the first time. Church was and interesting experience. I got her ready we all looked great, and as soon as we got to church it was time to feed her, so I went out and fed her missing Relief Society. When I came back it was just in time for the prayer for Sunday School and during the prayer Ruby decided to do this gagging cough and then burp really loud!!! After the prayer was over everyone turned around and was laughing, so I told them "excuse us". She slept during the rest of that class and when we got to Sacrament I started to feel funny. So I checked my blood sugar and my level was low, we stayed to take the sacrament and then came home so I could take care of myself. It was an interesting day. Uncle Ron and Aunt Nicole came over to hold Ruby as well for the first time. It was nice to visit with them. I just want to say that we are very thankful for our beautiful baby girl! Also for the wonderful family that came to see her and is always there for us. We love all of you, I hope that you enjoy all the pictures of her first week.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ruby 1 Month!

So Curtis and I just can't believe how fast our Ruby is growing. She is already a month old, we are going to give everyone and update on how she is doing. First of all no, she is not home from the hospital yet. But she is doing great in there, the doctor said that she is improving just as they thought she would for how young she is and coming from a diabetic Mommy. So Curtis and I are trying to give her as much rest as she needs so we can hopefully get her home for Thanksgiving! Keep your fingers crossed and we could use all the prayers for our little girl!

Ruby Steed

Weight: 7lbs 14oz
Height: 20 3/4 inches
Eating: around 2 to 4 bottles a day
Sleeping: A LOT!

Here are some pictures of Ruby, I know we post a lot of pictures but she changes so much that I don't want anyone to miss it. She is to cute to miss out on. Well our goal was to have her home before it started to snow but since today we all woke up to snow...I guess that isn't going to happen. Well we love all of you and hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

The nurse made this for us...and said that Ruby didn't like it when the did her hands.
Daddy and Ruby
Ruby is becoming our chunky monkey
Ruby all ready to eat
She has such beautiful eyes
Mommy lovin on Ruby
Her cupcake outfit...Thanks Grandma Becky
Ruffles on her bum...back view
Thanks Great Grandma Garfield

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ruby 3 weeks old

Ruby is doing great, she is eating more and more every day. Ruby is getting big too she weighs 6lbs 12oz as of Sunday night. she is beautiful she still has her blue eyes and she is getting a little personality, when she is awake lol. Curtis and I got to giver her a bath last night, and she did great! She was happy and alert, holding her Daddy's hand, eating soap and kicking around. Ruby also had her first Halloween and she was super cute. Grandma and Grandpa Farnsworth bought her an outfit that said "I love my mummy" she was so cute in it but was a mess by the time we got there. She was cute entertaining her Grandma and Grandpa, and Uncle Logan and Auntie Raegan. Then she was tired for her next feeding when Daddy went to see her and her Grandma and Grandpa Steed but they got lots of pictures....its a good thing she is super cute when she sleeps. Here are more pictures of her.