Saturday, April 10, 2010


I also wanted to show you this video of Ruby reading her book in the car.
This was Ruby's first Easter and she got lots of great things of all her grandparents! Grandma Steed and Great Grandma Garfield got her a beautiful Easter dress. She looked so cute, she wore it the Sunday before Easter and all the women in our ward said she was the cutest Easter egg! Then Ruby's Gammie brought her a chicken that does the chicken dance...she loves it!!!! and a cute little floppy elephant, new socks, and a white sweater that she needed too. Then her G-pa (my dad) picked out the cutest jumper for her...and Dad it does make her look sweet! Curtis, Ruby and I just stayed home for Easter and watched Conference...Ruby wasn't feeling well either she had a cold. The Easter bunny brought Ruby a new Backyardagains movie. We have already watched it like 3 or 4 times she loves it. Well Curtis and I really enjoyed conference this session, we really enjoyed that it was about parenting and how to teach your kids about the gospel. I also loved that it was about Mothers and their daughters, that helped me out alot. We love the gospel and are trying to teach Ruby to love it as well..even at the very young age! Thanks to all of Ruby's Grandparent she loves everything she got!