Friday, February 17, 2012

Terrible two's? No way just the best of being two!!

Well I haven't filled everyone in on mine and Ruby's life. Ruby is 2 1/2 and she has taken it for all it's worth. She is so full of life and energy. She is talking so much and putting cute sentences together here are some of my favorites..."lub you too" "I know honey" "come on" I miss you mommy" ribi play on bone (phone)". She is so cute she says all of her f's as b's so phone is bone, feet is beet, fish is blish, but she can say football lol. She loves her Nana, auntie Rae Rae, uncle Logan and pops! She is also such a good little mommy to all of her dolls and bears she rocks them and feeds them like a real baby, I think she is practicing for her cousin Truman comes home. She loves him too even though she hasn't met him yet. I am working at the preschool and doing kids klub and I love all my kids!!! They are amazing. We love having my mom staying with us while baby Trumy is in the nicu. Ruby and I are being spoiled with her here. I love going and seeing my handsome nephew he is such a hero grow so big love that guy. I am loving my Ruby at the age two despite the fit throwing and strong willed personality she has se is so funny and very fun I love her so much!

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